Stay At Morni Hills Resort – Hotel Dream Way

Morni Hills is the only hill station in Haryana which is located in Panchkula district. It is located at 45 kilometers away from Chandigarh. It is the offshoot of Shivalik range of Himalayas. It is 4000 feet above the sea level. The hill station is named after a Queen, who once reigned over there. It[…]

Some Important Techniques To Improve Your Children’s Memory

Working memory is used to refer to process that involves the manipulation of information which is stored by brain’s short term memory. This memory is utilized by children for the learning process, especially for following multiple step directions and doing math problems. It is common for children to face issues related to their working memory.[…]

10 Ways to Improve Energy in Your Data Centre- Mercury Power

Data centres can now pack more processing power into the less real estate. The environment with high density can be a huge drain on the operating budgets. You will have to manage an engineer or the architect who are known to solve critical issues. It has become a challenge to conserve the energy while supporting[…]

The Wide World of Linguistics

Linguistics is about language, but more than simply learning how to speak another language, linguistics is about the scientific study of language. It’s about how a child is never taught their first language, but instead acquires it. It’s about how a speaker can generally easily recognise if a phrase in their native language is grammatically[…]